About Tyler

Python Hacker & Pixel Pusher

Hey there!

I am Tyler, but most probably know me better simply as Underlost. I’m a somewhat unusual hybrid of designer and developer, with an interest of photography mixed in on the side. In a past life I had a background in information computer security, and built a successful web hosting business. I’ve since returned to my true passion of web development. I love exploring and experimenting with new web trends and technology. If you use the Internet, you’ve probably seen some of my work.

Current projects

I just finished building Jaded Gamer, an experiment in bootstrapping a modern day startup. You should read more about that here. Right now I’m mostly focusing on relaunching my other site, A Life Well Played, and building the blog engine, Replica, which powers it.

About this site

underlost.net is hosted on Amazon S3 with CloudFront.

The site is published through Jekyll, the static site generator. It uses a custom design I built myself, along with a few useful tools I wrote to make publishing the site easier.


I blog about life and random things regularly on Medium. I occasionally tweet at @underlost, and publish code on Github.